Sonja (faeryfan86) wrote in hollywood_news,

Owen Wilson Attempts Suicide

In case you haven't seen the cover of this weeks People Magazine, Owen Wilson in recovering from an attempted suicide on the 26th of August.  According to his close friends Wilson slashed his wrists and "almost didn't make it."  Friends and family are unsure of what exactly caused this act of dispair but they feel it was not one specific event, but more of a series of event.  However, personal friends say he has been withdrawn and dejected since his breakup with Kate Hudson and has been known to disappear for days at a time without telling anyone.  This is the first time that Owens "dark side" has been shown to the public but according to those close to him, has been present for most of his life.  Wilson's current state of health has put a hold on many of his upcoming projects.  According to his rep, he wont be promosting his new film The Darjeeling Limited which comes out in late september.  He has dropped out of the comedy Tropic Thunder, which would have co-starred Ben Stiller, and the fate of Marley & Me, co-starring Jennifer Aniston is still uncertain.  I know that everyone's thoughts and prayers will be directed towards Owen in this difficult time in his life.
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